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Land Rover Discovery: Full size spare wheel and tyre change

The system will automatically recognise any changes in wheel positions. The vehicle must be stationary for 15 minutes during the wheel and tyre change, to make sure that the system can detect the change. After driving above 25 km/h (16 mph), any deflation warning should clear within approximately 5 minutes.

Note: Following repairs to a full size spare wheel fitted with tyre pressure monitoring, the TPMS warning lamp may illuminate if tyre inflation is not carried out within close proximity of the vehicle. Should this occur, re-inflate the tyre within 5 m of the vehicle.


If the temporary-use spare wheel is fitted, the system will automatically recognise the change in wheel positions. After approximately 10 minutes of driving above 25 km/h (16 mph), the message FRONT[REAR] RIGHT[LEFT] TYRE PRESSURE NOT MONITORED will be displayed, accompanied by illumination of the warning lamp.

The warning lamp will first flash and then illuminate continuously. Extended use of the temporary-use spare wheel will trigger the message TYRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM FAULT.

This TPMS display sequence will be activated at every ignition cycle, until the temporary spare wheel is replaced by a full-size road wheel with a TPMS sensor fitted.

Note: If in use, always replace the temporary spare wheel before having a TPMS fault investigated.


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