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Land Rover Discovery: Maintenance



This vehicle is built using high-precision manufacturing methods, but the moving parts of the engine must still bed-in, relative to each other. This process occurs mainly in the first 3 000 km of oper

 Exhaust filter

Diesel vehicles equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) have more efficient emissions control. The particles in the exhaust gases are collected in the exhaust filter during normal driving. Cl

 Parts and accessories

The fitting of non-approved parts and accessories, or the carrying out of non-approved alterations or conversions, may be dangerous and could affect the safety of the vehicle and occupants, and


 Engine Cooling - Ingenium i4 2.0l Diesel Radiator (G1879557) / Removal and Installation

REMOVAL WARNING: Cooling fans may continue to operate after the engine is turned off. They may also start to operate after the engine is turned off and continue operating for up to 10 minutes. CAUTION: Be prepared to collect escaping coolant. NOTES: Some variation in the illustrations may occur,

 Third row seat belts

To make sure the third row seat belts are used correctly, refer to the front and rear seat belt warnings, shown earlier in this section of the Owner's handbook. When not in use, always stow the metal tongue in the storage slot provided in the loadspace. SEAT BELT PRE-TENSIONERS The seat belt pre-ten

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