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Land Rover Discovery: Cruise control

In certain conditions, such as a steep gradient, the vehicle's speed may exceed the set cruising speed. This is because engine braking is unable to maintain or reduce the vehicle's speed. Driver intervention may be required.

Note: Cruise control is not available when using Hill Descent Control (HDC) or when a Terrain response special program has been selected, except for the Grass/ Gravel/Snow program.

Note: Do not use Cruise control when driving off-road.

The Cruise control system is operated by controls mounted on the steering wheel.

The driver can also intervene at any time, by use of the brake or accelerator pedals.

Cruise control

  1. LIM: Press to switch between ASL and Cruise control. The cruise control warning lamp will illuminate to confirm Cruise control is operational
  2. SET+: Press to set the speed or to increase the set speed.

Note: Dependent on the vehicle's specification, the set speed will be displayed as a marker on the speedometer or a numeric display in the Message centre. The set speed can also be displayed in the Head-Up Display (HUD), if enabled.

The cruising speed can also be increased using the accelerator. When the desired speed is reached, press the button to set and maintain the new speed and then release the accelerator.

Note: Cruise control can only be engaged at speeds above 30 km/h (18 mph).

  1. Press (-) to decrease the set speed.
  2. RES: Press to resume the set speed.

RES should be used only if the driver is aware of the set speed and intends to return to it.

  1. CAN: Press to cancel but retain the set speed in the memory.

    Cruise control will also be cancelled if the brake pedal is pressed, the gear selector is moved to Neutral (N), or if HDC or Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) are activated.

Note: If the accelerator pedal is pressed to override Cruise control for a period of more than 5 minutes, Cruise control will be cancelled.


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