Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery (2009–2016) Owner's Manual

Land Rover Discovery (2009–2016) Owner's Manual

The Land Rover Discovery Owner's Manual is a detailed guide designed to assist owners in operating their vehicles effectively. It provides comprehensive information about the Discovery's features, controls, and maintenance procedures. The manual also emphasizes safety precautions and offers insights into the vehicle's exceptional off-road capabilities, enabling owners to fully explore and utilize the vehicle's potential in various terrains. It serves as a valuable resource, ensuring owners have the knowledge necessary to maximize their Land Rover Discovery experience.


 Entering the vehicle

 Unlocking the vehicle

To prevent accidental or unauthorised operation, never leave children or animals unattended in the vehicle. The vehicle can be operated when the Smart key is inside the vehicle. Note: The operational

 Single/Multi-point entry

Press the unlock button; the vehicle unlocks in one of two ways: Single-point entry: On the first press, the driver's door unlocks. If a locking fuel filler flap is fitted, it also unlocks. A sec


 Driver Door Module / Diagnosis and Testing

PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION For a detailed description of the Driver Door Module, refer to the relevant Description and Operation section in the workshop manual. REFER to: Handles, Locks, Latches and Entry Systems (501-14 Handles, Locks, Latches and Entry Systems, Description and Operation). INSPECTION

 Rear Drive Axle - Differential - Vehicles with - Active Driveline Differential Control Module (G1781294) / Removal and Installation

REMOVAL NOTES: This procedure contains some variation in the illustrations depending on the vehicle specification, but the essential information is always correct. This procedure contains illustrations showing certain components removed to provide extra clarity. Raise and support the vehicle

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