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Land Rover Discovery: Steep slopes

If the vehicle is stationary on a steep, slippery slope, it may begin to slide, even with the brakes applied. This is because, without wheel rotation, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) cannot determine vehicle movement.

To counteract this, briefly release the brakes to allow some wheel rotation. Then re-apply the brakes to allow ABS to gain control.


If the driver rapidly applies the brakes, the EBA system will automatically boost the braking force to its maximum, in order to bring the vehicle to a halt as quickly as possible. If the driver applies the brakes slowly, but driving conditions mean that the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) operates on the front wheels, the EBA system will increase the braking force in order to apply ABS control to the rear wheels.

The EBA system stops operating as soon as the brake pedal is released.

A fault with the EBA system is indicated by the amber brake warning lamp illuminating and an associated warning message. Drive with care, avoiding heavy brake application and seek qualified assistance.


EBD controls the balance of braking forces supplied to the front and rear wheels, in order to maintain maximum braking efficiency.

If the vehicle has a light load (only the driver in the vehicle, for example), EBD will reduce the braking force applied to the rear wheels. If the vehicle is heavily laden, EBD will allow greater braking force to the rear wheels.

A fault with the EBD system is indicated by the brake warning lamp illuminating and an associated warning message. Gently and safely stop the vehicle and seek qualified assistance.


     Autonomous emergency braking

    The AEB system is a driving aid only. It remains the driver's responsibility to drive with due care and attention, in a manner that is safe for the vehicle, the occupants and other road users.

     Electric parking brake (EPB)

    Do not rely on the Electric Parking Brake (EPB) to hold the vehicle stationary if the brake warning lamp is illuminated or the EPB warning lamp is flashing. Seek qualified assistance urgently The EPB

     Parking aids


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