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Land Rover Discovery: Tyre repair kit


If you are in any doubt regarding your ability to carry out the instructions, contact a Retailer/ Authorised Repairer before attempting the repair.

For vehicles not supplied with a spare wheel, there will be a tyre repair kit under the loadspace floor panel.

The tyre repair kit can be used to repair one punctured tyre and it is essential that you read the complete tyre repair kit section of this handbook before attempting to repair a tyre.

The tyre repair kit will seal most punctures with a maximum diameter of 6 mm.

Note: The sealant used in the tyre repair kit has a shelf life and the expiry date is shown on the tyre sealant bottle. Make sure that the container is replaced before the expiry date. Also make sure that the sealant is renewed after each use.

Tyre repair kit

  1. Compressor.
  2. Sealant bottle.
  3. Locking wheel nut adaptor.


 Tyre repair kit safety information

Some tyre damage may only be partially sealed, or may not seal at all, depending on the amount and type of damage. Any loss of tyre pressure can seriously affect vehicle safety. Do not use the

 Repair procedure

Check the tyre's sidewall before inflation. If there are any cracks, bumps, or similar damage, do not attempt to inflate the tyre. Do not stand directly beside the tyre while the compressor is

 Checking the tyre pressure after a repair

When driving the vehicle, if you experience vibrations, abnormal steering, or noises, reduce speed immediately. Drive with extreme caution at reduced speed, to the first safe place to stop the


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