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Land Rover Discovery: Park assist

Park assist

Park assist is an aid to manoeuvring the vehicle in and out of parking spaces and parking bays. Park assist takes control of the vehicle's steering system to manoeuvre the vehicle.

The driver must maintain full control of the accelerator and brakes throughout any Park assist manoeuvre.

Note: A Park assist manoeuvre can be cancelled, at any point, by holding/turning the steering wheel, or by pressing the Park assist button.

Park assist comprises three different features:

  1. Parallel parking: For reversing into a parking space that is parallel to the vehicle.
  2. Perpendicular parking: For reversing into a parking space that is at a 90º angle to the vehicle.
  3. Parking exit: For exiting a parallel parking space.

All Park assist instructions are displayed in the Message centre.

  • Park assist sensors may not detect moving objects, such as children and animals, until they are dangerously close. Always use extreme caution when manoeuvring, and always use your mirrors.
  • Park assist is a driving aid only. It remains the driver's responsibility to drive with due care and attention during parking manoeuvres.

Park assist sensors may not detect some obstructions, for example, narrow posts, small objects close to the ground, mesh fences and, in some circumstances, bicycles or motorbikes parked alongside the kerb.

All sensors must be kept clean and free from debris or obstructions, for example, leaves, mud, snow, ice, frost, or insects. Failure to keep the sensors clean may result in sensor miscalculation or false indications.

Park assist must not be used if any of the following conditions exist:

  • A temporary spare wheel is in use.
  • A sensor is damaged, or the bumper is damaged sufficiently enough to affect a sensor mounting point.
  • A sensor is obstructed by items attached to the vehicle, for example, bumper covers, a bicycle rack, a trailer, or stickers.
  • The vehicle is being used to transport a load that extends beyond the vehicle's perimeter.

Note: All of the doors and the tailgate must be securely closed when using Park assist.

Note: During any Park assist manoeuvre, the Parking aid system will remain active, and will sound when objects are detected close to the vehicle.


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