Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Load carrying


 Loadspace cover

LOAD CARRYING Never allow passengers to travel in the loadspace under any circumstances. All vehicle occupants should be seated correctly and wear a seat belt at all times when the vehicle is i

 Roof racks and load carriers

A loaded roof rack can reduce the stability of the vehicle, particularly when cornering and during crosswinds. Driving off-road with a loaded roof rack is not recommended. Fit only a roof rack



 General Information Incontrol Touch Software Update

ACTIVATION NOTES: The following must be adhered to when updating the software level of the InControl Touch Audio Head Unit (AHU). When attempting to update the software level on the InControl Touch Audio Head Unit (AHU), the user may be incorrectly prompted by the Jaguar Land Rover approved di

 ECO Program

This program encourages a more efficient driving style and modifies vehicle settings to improve fuel economy. Press the button to switch the ECO program on/off, a message will appear in the Message centre. When selected, engine and transmission settings are automatically changed to promote an effi

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