Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Body


 Body closures

 Body Closures Front Door (G1785716)/ Removal and Installation

REMOVA L NOTES: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. Some variation in the illustrations may occur, but the essential information is always correct. Disconnect the

 Body Closures Fuel Filler Door (G1393670) / Removal and Installation

REMOVAL CAUTION: Make sure to protect the paintwork. INSTALLATION Body closures fuel filler door assembly (G1393672) removal and installation REMOVAL WARNING: Avoid flames, sparks or lighted subs


 Proximity Cameras

Proximity Camera Coverage Zones Front Proximity Camera Right Proximity Camera Rear Proximity Camera Left Proximity Camera The proximity camera system has four cameras that are located in the following: One camera located in the front bumper. One camera in each of the door mirror assembl

 Steering Linkage Tie Rod (G1788230)  / Removal and Installation

SPECIAL TOOL(S) REMOVAL NOTES: Some components shown removed for clarity. Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. Refer to: Steering Gear Boot (211-03 Steering Linkage, Removal and Installation). Special Tool(s): JLR-211-342 CAUTION: Make sure the steering gear ba

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