Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Body Repairs - General Information


 Body Repairs - General Information - Introduction

The body plays a significant role in the increasing trend of ever more rapidly changing model variants. The different customer groups are strongly influenced by the design and shape of the body. At t

 High Strength Steels

Most modern vehicles are constructed from a number of different steels, partly to obtain an optimized body, (collision, safety, rigidity, fuel economy, etc.). Steels are divided into several groups a

 Accident Damage and Diagnosis

General notes Exact diagnosis of the extent of the damage enables proper repair planning. All body repairs must be carried out in accordance with the guidelines in this Body Repair Manual. The


 Rear direction indicator and reversing lamp bulb replacement

Replacing a rear direction indicator: Remove the appropriate loadspace vent door. Rotate the rear lamp's retaining screw counter-clockwise, until fully released and then remove. This allows the rear lamp unit to be withdrawn. At the back of the rear lamp unit, rotate the bulb holder count

 Battery, Mounting and Cables/ Description and Operation

COMPONENT LOCATION Rear Junction Box (RJB) Quiescent Current Control Module (QCCM) Battery Monitoring System (BMS) control module Primary battery Gateway Module (GWM) Central Junction Box (CJB) Voltage Quality Module (VQM) - vehicles with auto stop/start system only Starter motor or Tande

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