Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: After a collision


 Before starting or driving

If the vehicle is involved in a collision, it should be checked by a Retailer/Authorised repairer, or suitably qualified personnel, before starting or driving. Note: The vehicle has an SOS Emergency c

 Event data recording

This vehicle is equipped with an Event Data Recorder (EDR). The main purpose of an EDR is to record, in certain crash or near crash-like situations, such as an airbag deployment or hitting a road obst

 Vehicle labels

LABEL LOCATIONS Warning labels attached to the vehicle bearing this symbol mean: Do not touch or adjust components until you have read the relevant instructions in the handbook. Labels showing this sy


 Front end Sheet Metal Repairs Front Fender Mounting Panel (G1770874) / Removal and Installation

REMOVAL NOTE: The front fender mounting panel is installed in conjunction with: Front fender Front door The front fender mounting panel is serviced as indicated. Before commencing this procedure make sure that you are aware of all Health and Safety requirements. For additional information

 Rear Suspension Lower ARM (G1774719) / Removal and Installation

REMOVAL NOTES: Some variation in the illustrations may occur, but the essential information is always correct. Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. Refer to: Rear Subframe - FWD (502-00 Uni-Body, Subframe and Mounting System, Removal and Installation). NOTE: Some co

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