Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Parking aids


 Using the parking aid

Parking aid switch. Located next to the Touch screen. Parking aid sensor detection zones. 360º Park Distance Control sensor detection zones. Parking aid and 360º Park Distance Control senso

 Rear camera

It remains the driver's responsibility to detect obstacles and estimate the vehicle's distance from them when reversing. Some overhanging objects or barriers which could cause damage to the vehicl

 Reverse traffic detection

The Reverse Traffic Detection (RTD) system is a supplement to, not a replacement for, safe driving, good observation and use of the exterior and rear-view mirrors. Note: RTD is automatically disabled


 Bolt and Nut Identification

An ISO metric bolt or screw made of steel and larger than 6 mm in diameter can be identified by either of the symbols ISO M or M embossed or indented on top of the bolt head. In addition to marks identifying the manufacturer, the top of the bolt head is also marked with symbols indicating the str

 Telephone system overview

For information on connecting a Bluetooth phone or device. Note: Some Telephone system features will not operate unless the SD card supplied with the vehicle is inserted correctly into the SD card slot. Change device: Touch to search for a new, or change to another paired phone or device. Mes

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