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Land Rover Discovery: General Information


 About This Manual

INTRODUCTION This manual has been written in a format that is designed to meet the needs of technicians worldwide. The objective is to use common formats and include similar content in each manual. T

 TAS Graphics

Colors used in the graphic are as follows: Blue - Indicates the target item, item to be removed/installed or disassembled/assembled Green and Brown - Indicates a secondary item that needs to be de

 TAS Symbols

Symbols are used inside the graphics and in the text area to enhance the information display. The following paragraphs describe the various types and categories of symbols. Prohibition symbols advise


 Fuel Charging and Controls - Ingenium i4 2.0l Diesel Fuel Rail (G1875959) / Removal

PART(S) REMOVAL WARNINGS: Place the vehicle in a well ventilated, quarantined area and arrange ' No Smoking/Petrol Fumes' signs about the vehicle. Avoid flames, sparks or lighted substances. Be prepared to collect escaping fuel. It is imperative that new high pressure fuel pipes are always

 Touch Screen(ts) and Navigation Diagnostics

Fault codes and diagnostics can be retrieved/achieved using the manufacturer approved diagnostic system Hard Key Test The hard key test is used to check the operation of the hard switches. If switch operation is normal, the switch colour on the screen will change when a hard switch is pressed. (Pow

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