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Land Rover Discovery: Vehicle Weights

Vehicle weights

  1. The maximum permissible weight of the vehicle including passengers and load.
  2. This figure includes the toolkit, all fluids to the correct levels and spare wheel but excludes the driver and passengers.
  3. The maximum permissible weight of the vehicle and braked trailer and their respective loads.
  4. The front and rear maximum loads cannot be reached simultaneously as this will exceed the GVW limit. When calculating rear axle loading, remember that the trailer nose weight, the load in the vehicle's luggage area, weight on the roof rack, and the weight of rear seat passengers must all be added together.
  5. This figure includes the weight of the roofrack.

Vehicle Dimensions

Vehicle Dimensions

Vehicle Dimensions

  1. Ride height is measured vertically from wheel center to underside of wheelarch. All figures are with vehicle at 'Showroom' height - full fluids, full tank of fuel, no occupants/luggage, tires inflated to normal pressures.
  2. 5 seconds maximum duration.


     Supplemental Restraint System Health and Safety Precautions

    WARNINGS: Only qualified technicians are allowed to work on pyrotechnic components. INHALED: Exposure to pyrotechnic residue may cause low blood pressure, severe headache, irritation of mucous me

     Vehicle Inspection

    NOTE: For additional information on systems/components that must be checked, refer to the relevant Specification section in the Workshop Manual. Vehicle inspections may be carried out for various reas



     Left Steering Column Multifunction Switch

    High beam Front fog lamp Rear fog lamp Right turn signal indicator Headlamp high beam flash Left turn signal indicator Trip computer information Side lamp Low beam Autolamps on The left steering column multifunction switch allows the following selections: All exterior lamps off Side

     Gradient release control (GRC)

    With Hill Descent Control (HDC) activated, if the vehicle is stopped on a slope using the brake pedal, GRC will become active (except in the Terrain response system's Sand program). During a hill ascent, when the brake pedal is released, GRC will automatically delay and graduate the brake release, t

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