Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Towing


 Towing weights

WEIGHTS, for details of the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), Gross Train Weight (GTW) and axle weights. *The nose weight can be increased to a maximum of 175 kg for vehicles with 5 seats and to a maximum

 Hitch guidance

Hitch guidance is a user selectable Touch screen feature that can aid the process of guiding the vehicle to a trailer's tow hitch. Use Hitch guidance while reversing the vehicle to a trailer hitch.

 Fitting the detachable tow ball

Remove the protective cover from the vehicle mounting and stow it in the tow ball stowage area. The tow ball can only be installed when the locking lever is in the unlocked position (red show


 Speed Control Sensor Adjustment (G1780345) / General Procedures

SPECIAL TOOL(S) CHECK NOTES: Special tool 310-148 is graduated in 0.5 degree increments. Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. WARNING: Make sure to support the vehicle with axle stands. Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to: Front Bumper Cover (501-19 Bumpers, Re

 Replacement tyres

Always fit replacement tyres of the same type, and wherever possible, of the same make and tread pattern. Failure to fit the same type, make and tread pattern may reduce vehicle stability. The load and speed index ratings on all replacement tyres must be, at least, the same specification

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