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Land Rover Discovery: Towing weights

WEIGHTS, for details of the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), Gross Train Weight (GTW) and axle weights.


*The nose weight can be increased to a maximum of 175 kg for vehicles with 5 seats and to a maximum of 125 kg for vehicles with 7 seats. Make sure that the maximum rear axle, the GVW and the GTW weights are not exceeded.

Europe only

When towing, the maximum permissible GVW can be increased by a maximum of 100 kg, provided that the road speed is limited to 97 km/h (60 mph) or less.

Note: When calculating the rear axle loading, remember that the trailer's nose weight, the load in the vehicle's loadspace, the weight on the rails/roof rack and the weight of rear seat passengers, must all be added together.



Tow ball options for 5 seat vehicles and 7 seat vehicles without a spare wheel:

  1. Powered tow ball.
  2. Bolt on tow ball.
  3. Detachable tow ball.
  4. Trailer hitch tow bar.


Tow ball options for 7 seat vehicles with a spare wheel:

  1. Detachable tow ball.
  2. Bolt on tow ball.
  3. Trailer hitch tow bar.


When a trailer is attached, TSA will automatically detect when trailer sway is developing. It will then gradually reduce the vehicle's speed, by cutting engine power and applying the brakes to help regain control.

TSA will not operate in the event of the trailer jack-knifing.

The ability of TSA may be reduced when travelling on slippery surfaces.

Note: TSA will not operate when Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) is switched off.


     Hitch guidance

    Hitch guidance is a user selectable Touch screen feature that can aid the process of guiding the vehicle to a trailer's tow hitch. Use Hitch guidance while reversing the vehicle to a trailer hitch.

     Fitting the detachable tow ball

    Remove the protective cover from the vehicle mounting and stow it in the tow ball stowage area. The tow ball can only be installed when the locking lever is in the unlocked position (red show

     Trailer hitch (Australia only)

    Never leave the trailer hitch loose in the vehicle. It could become a projectile in the event of an accident, or during heavy braking. Consult a Retailer/Authorised Repairer for the latest informati


     Head restraints

    FRONT HEAD RESTRAINTS Adjust the head restraint so that the top of the head restraint is above the centre line of the head. An incorrectly adjusted head restraint increases the risk of death or serious injury in the event of a collision. Do not drive, or carry passengers with the head restraints re

     Wheels and Tires - Tire Pressure Monitoring System Locsync

    NOTES: This document describes the fault diagnosis to establish what the fault is with the TPMS system. The majority of TPMS faults, are not faults, but low pressure warnings, indicating the tires have lost air, and have reached the point where the TPMS ISO light has been illuminated. There i

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