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Land Rover Discovery: Hitch guidance

Hitch guidance is a user selectable Touch screen feature that can aid the process of guiding the vehicle to a trailer's tow hitch.

Use Hitch guidance while reversing the vehicle to a trailer hitch.

Proceed, as follows:

  1. Select reverse gear. Dependent on the vehicle's specification, the Touch screen will automatically display selectable icons or a menu list.
  2. Touch the Hitch guidance menu or the icon, on the Touch screen, to enable the guidance lines to be displayed.
  3. Reverse the vehicle towards the trailer.
  4. As the vehicle closes to within 600 mm of the trailer's tow hitch, an automated zoom feature is operated to enlarge the view.
  5. Continue the manoeuvre carefully until the vehicle and trailer are as close as required.


Note: Tow assist requires a connected trailer to be fitted with a tracking target sticker, which must be attached according to specific instructions. Ask a Retailer/ Authorised Repairer for details.

Note: This feature may not operate with all trailer designs.

Tow assist aids trailer reversing, by displaying guidance lines on the Touch screen.

Tow assist becomes active when a trailer/ caravan is attached to the vehicle and the trailer's electrical plug is attached to the vehicle's socket.

Note: The driver's door must be opened and closed after the trailer/caravan is connected to the electrical socket, before the system will detect the connection.

The screen will display a choice for connection. Select YES to move to the setup screen. Select NO to return to the previous screen.

Note: If the connection is not detected, setup can be manually prompted by touching the Tow assist soft key on the Camera menu.

On first use, the setup screens take the user through a series of configuration options for the connected trailer.

Information such as trailer hitch length, number of axles and camera preference, is required to finalise setup. Once completed, the details are stored for future use.

When a new or existing trailer configuration is selected, Tow assist automatically displays on the Touch screen when Reverse (R) gear is selected.

Coloured lines are displayed to indicate the predicted path of both the trailer and the vehicle.


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