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Land Rover Discovery: Voice control

Note: The Voice control system has been designed to recognise a number of languages. However, it cannot be guaranteed that the system will be compatible with every accent group within those languages. Please speak to a Retailer/Authorised Repairer about testing the Voice control system for compatibility with a particular accent group.

Note: The Voice control system will not operate, unless the SD card supplied with the vehicle is inserted correctly into the SD card slot.

Voice control

To start a voice session, briefly press the voice button on the steering wheel. The Teleprompter list appears on the Touch screen. To cancel a voice session, press and hold the voice button.

Note: Briefly press the voice button during a voice session, to interrupt audible feedback. Wait for the tone to sound before giving the next command.

Teleprompter list: This list provides feedback and available commands for each stage of the voice session.

Voice symbol: This indicates that a command is available.

Wait for the symbol to appear and a tone to sound before saying a command.

Note: As the commands are listed before the system is ready to listen, it is important to wait for the voice symbol to appear, before saying a command.

Say Cancel (at any time) to cancel the current voice command.

Note: All feature items listed (that can be activated by the Voice control system) can also be activated by touching the relevant command list item on the Touch screen.

A list of the available features can be displayed by saying the voice command, More Commands. Alternatively, saying All Commands (or selection via the Touch Screen), will enable visual and audible instructions to be given in a default sequential order, starting with Navigation Commands and then followed by other available features.

The Voice control system will work with the user to display the feature lists individually. Say (or select) Navigation Commands or Phone Commands, then only the relevant commands for that feature will be read out and displayed.


To request the display of Points Of Interest (POIs), say Find next with one of the following POI categories:

  • Petrol station/Petrol
  • Parking/Car park
  • Land Rover Retailer
  • Hospital
  • Golf course
  • Tourist information office
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping centre
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Say a Brand name of the POI category.

Note: The word Find next must be followed immediately by a category.



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