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Land Rover Discovery: InControl


 Incontrol overview

InControl uses smartphone and in-vehicle mobile technology, to remotely connect the vehicle to a number of services and convenience features. InControl features: InControl Protect: Remote Essenti

 Incontrol protect

InControl Protect features: Remote Essentials app: Communicate remotely with your vehicle wherever you are. Check your fuel level and view your journey logs using your Apple or Android phone.

 Incontrol remote premium

InControl Remote Premium enhances the Remote Essentials with the addition of: Beep and Flash: Identifies vehicle position by flashing the vehicle's lamps and sounding the horn. Remote Climate:


 Side Panel Sheet Metal Repairs 'B' Pillar Outer Panel (G1770904) - Installation

Installation Dress the flanges where necessary Using the old B-pillar outer panel for reference measure, mark and cut the new B-pillar outer panel where the Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welded butt joints are to be made as indicated. Offer up the new B-pillar outer panel and clamp into position.

 Climate Control - Air Conditioning / Description

DESCRIPTION The air conditioning system includes the following features: B-pillar mounted mid-level vents for row 2 passengers Face-level vents mounted in the C-pillar on vehicles with 5+2 seating, for row 3 passengers A mist sensor on the windscreen, used to detect conditions likely to cau

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