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Land Rover Discovery: Incontrol protect

InControl Protect features:

  • Remote Essentials app:
  • Communicate remotely with your vehicle wherever you are. Check your fuel level and view your journey logs using your Apple or Android phone.
  • SOS Emergency Call:
  • In a critical situation, SOS Emergency Call will automatically bring the emergency services to your exact location.
  • Optimised Assistance Call:
  • By transmitting your current location and vehicle diagnostic data, Optimised Assistance Call helps you continue your journey with minimum delay.

InControl Remote Essentials App

The Land Rover InControl Remote app must be downloaded to your phone.

iPhone and Android phones are supported.

  1. Search for the Land Rover InControl Remote app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. From the list of results, select Land Rover InControl Remote and install it.
  3. When the installation is complete, open the launcher and select the Land Rover InControl Remote icon.
  4. Follow the Quick Start Guide instructions to complete the set up.

Note: The availability and functionality of the app will depend on the specification of the vehicle and the market in which the vehicle is used.

Note: Apps are not suitable for use while driving, for example, gaming apps will not appear on the Touch screen while the vehicle is moving.

Note: Apple and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the USA and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Remote Essentials allows you to communicate remotely with your vehicle to; check the vehicle's fuel level, check the estimated range available, to view journey logs and to view the status of doors and windows. The last parked position of the vehicle can be viewed along with directions back to it.

The Vehicle Status page is the home screen for the app. From here you can move to Security Status, Journeys, Assistance or Settings.

  • The Security Status screen displays the open/closed status of all the doors/windows and the current alarm setting.
  • The Journeys screen displays the most recently completed journeys.

Note: This feature can be enabled/ disabled via the InControl Settings screen.

Note: The stored journeys can be viewed, deleted, or downloaded as a .csv file to assist with business expenses.

  • The Assistance screen displays the vehicle's VIN and registration number.

    This screen also allows for direct calls to be made to the assistance centre (in the event of a breakdown) and the Tracking Call Centre (in the event of a vehicle theft).

  • The Settings screen allows the vehicle's security status and the journey recording to be switched on/off. It also allows access to your InControl account.

SOS Emergency Call

There are two states of SOS Emergency Call: Automatic and manual operation.

In a crash situation where the airbags have deployed, an automatic emergency call is made to the emergency services. In a non-crash situation when emergency assistance is required, the emergency call button can be used manually.

In both states, the button flashes orange until the emergency services answer the call, at which point the flashing stops.

The vehicle location, your details and the nature of the problem is automatically taken and the appropriate emergency services are despatched to your location.

Contact with the emergency services agent can be made at any time by pressing the button.

The emergency call button is located in the overhead console

Press and release the button cover to reveal the button. The button is illuminated by a red LED. Press the button for two seconds to make a direct call to the emergency services.

After use, push the button cover back into place.

Note: If the vehicle is travelling abroad, the SOS Emergency Call will still connect, however, the vehicle's location and the vehicle's details may not be automatically sent.

This feature has two backup batteries that will retain full system operation, in the event that the vehicle's battery is disconnected or disabled.

If a fault is detected with the SOS Emergency Call system, the message SOS Limited is displayed in the Message centre. If this occurs, the vehicle can still be driven, but consult a Retailer/ Authorised Repairer at the earliest opportunity.

Optimised Assistance Call

The call button is located in the overhead console.

In the event of a breakdown, press and release the button cover to reveal the button. The button is illuminated by a white LED. Press the button for two seconds to make a direct call to the assistance centre. The button flashes until the assistance centre answers the call, at which point the LED changes to orange.

The vehicle's details and current location are automatically relayed to them.

The assistance centre will send roadside assistance to your location. The agent will call back to confirm the estimated time of arrival. When the light flashes, push the button to answer the call.

After use, push the button cover back into place.


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