Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Fuses


 Fuse box locations

When a fuse box lid is removed, take care to protect the box from moisture, and refit the lid at the earliest opportunity. Access can be gained to the fuses, as follows: Engine compartment fuse bo

 Luggage compartment fuse box

Fuse box 1 Fuse box 2 Fuse box 3 Fuse box 4 Fuse box 1 Fuse box 2 Fuse box 3 Fuse box 4



 Front Drive Halfshafts Front Right Halfshaft - RHD AWD- lHD AWD (G1794495)  - Installation

Installation CAUTIONS: Make sure that the mating faces are clean and free of corrosion and foreign material. Make sure the seal is installed correctly. NOTE: This step is only required if previously removed. Special Tool(s): 205-872 CAUTION: Keep the halfshaft horizontal to avoid damaging the

 Headlamp bulb replacement

At the back of the headlamp unit, rotate the appropriate bulb cover counter-clockwise and then lightly pull to remove it. Remove the low beam bulb holder from the headlamp. Unclip the low beam bulb and remove it from the bulb holder. Rotate the DRL/high beam bulb unit counter-clockwise.

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