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Land Rover Discovery: Playing a portable device

If you are using a USB mass storage device or an approved iPod, you can control playback using the Touch screen controls.

If you are using a Bluetooth wireless technology device, you can control playback using the Touch screen, but some controls are unavailable.

If you are using any portable media device via the AUX socket, then you must control playback from the device itself.

Land Rover does not recommend the use of a Hard Disc Drive via the USB link while the vehicle is in motion. These devices are not designed for in-car use and may be damaged.


Do not plug non-audio devices into the USB port.

You can connect multiple devices simultaneously to the portable media interface and switch between them via the Source selector. Select iPod, USB, Bluetooth, or AUX, to switch between modes.

The device docked first will remain the active device until you choose to change.

If, after changing to the newly-docked device, you change back to the first device, play will resume at the point you left it (USB and iPod only).

Note: You cannot use a USB hub to connect more than one USB device to the audio unit.

Note: Devices connected to the iPod and USB ports will be charged, but devices that are fully discharged will not play.


For information on pairing and connecting a Bluetooth device

For further information on Bluetooth wireless technology




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     Voice control

    Note: The Voice control system has been designed to recognise a number of languages. However, it cannot be guaranteed that the system will be compatible with every accent group within those languages.


     Bluetooth information

    Bluetooth is the name for short-range Radio Frequency (RF) technology that allows electronic devices to communicate wirelessly with each other. Note: The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the


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