Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Joints and Joint Faces

All gaskets should be installed dry unless stated otherwise. Always apply the specified lubricant to O-rings and install O-rings using the fingers only.

Use gasket removal spray and/or plastic scrapers to remove traces of old gasket.


DO NOT use metal scrapers or emery cloth as these may damage the sealing surfaces.

Many joints use sealants instead of gaskets as the sealing medium. Where this is the case, the sealant together with its part number will be found listed in the relevant repair operation and also in the sealants table.


Always remove all traces of the old sealant prior to reassembly. Use plastic scrapers, specified solvents where available or dry, lint free cloth. DO NOT use metal scrapers or emery cloth as these may damage the sealing surfaces. Make sure that sealing surfaces are free from oil or grease as sealants will not adhere properly to contaminated surfaces.

Do not allow sealant to enter tapped holes or oilways.


Always replace locking devices with one of the same design and of the correct size.


Always release locking tabs before loosening fixings, do not reuse tab washers.


Always use a backing spanner when loosening and tightening locknuts, brake and fuel pipe unions.


Always install new roll pins of the correct size.


Always install new circlips ensuring that they are of the correct size for the groove.


Woodruff keys may be reused provided there is no indication of wear or distortion.

Remove any burrs from edges of keyways using a fine file.


Never attempt to straighten and reuse a split pin, always make sure that replacement pins are of the correct size for the hole in which they are to be installed.


     Screw Threads

    Damaged nuts, bolts and screws must always be discarded. Attempting to recut or repair damaged threads with a tap or die impairs the strength and fit of the threads and is not recommended. NOTES:

     Bolt and Nut Identification

    An ISO metric bolt or screw made of steel and larger than 6 mm in diameter can be identified by either of the symbols ISO M or M embossed or indented on top of the bolt head. In addition to marks i

     Ball and Roller Bearings

    When removing and installing bearings, make sure that the following practices are observed to make sure component serviceability: CAUTION: Service tools have been developed for removing the majority o


     AWD Transfer Case Rear Seal - Vehicles Without- Active Driveline (G1357768) / Removal and Installation

    SPECIAL TOOL(S) REMOVAL NOTES: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. Some variation in the illustrations may occur, but the essential information is always correct. All vehicles WARNING: Make sure to support the vehicle with axle stands. Raise and support the veh

     Battery monitoring system

    The Intelligent Power System Management (IPSM) continuously monitors the condition of the main vehicle battery. If excessive battery discharge occurs, the system will begin to shut down non-essential electrical systems in order to protect the battery. If the IPSM calculates that the battery's cond

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