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Land Rover Discovery: TAS Symbols

Symbols are used inside the graphics and in the text area to enhance the information display. The following paragraphs describe the various types and categories of symbols.

Prohibition symbols advise on prohibited actions to either avoid damage or health and safety related risks.

TAS Symbols

Health and Safety symbols recommend the use of particular protection equipment to avoid or at least reduce the risk or severity of possible injuries.

TAS Symbols

Warning symbols are used to indicate potential risks resulting from a certain component or area.

TAS Symbols

Instruction symbols are used to apply sealer, lubricant, weight, tape or cleaning detergent to a component.

TAS Symbols

Location symbols are used to show the location of a component or system within the vehicle.

TAS Symbols

Gearshift lever or selector lever position symbols are used to show which gearshift lever or selector lever position is to be set.

TAS Symbols

Pointer symbols are used to draw the attention to components and give special instructions such as a required sequence or number of components.

The number of components is reflected by the value inside the luty arrow. A sequence number is located inside the circle. Numbers inside circles are also used to allocate special information such as tightening torques or chemicals to a particular component.

TAS Symbols

Movement arrows are used to show three dimensional or rotational movements. These movements can include specific values inside the symbol if required.

TAS Symbols

Standard tool symbols recommend the use of certain standard tools. These tools can include dimension values if required.

TAS Symbols

The following graphic illustrates a set of symbols that are used to provide detailed information on where to apply a material.

TAS Symbols

Measurement symbols provide detailed information on where to carry out a specific measurement. These symbols can include specific values if required.

TAS Symbols

Special Tools and Torque Figure(s)

Special tools will be shown with the tool number in the illustration. The special tool number(s), general equipment, material(s) and torque figure(s) used for the procedure step will be shown in the text column.


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