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Land Rover Discovery: TAS Graphics

Colors used in the graphic are as follows:

  • Blue - Indicates the target item, item to be removed/installed or disassembled/assembled
  • Green and Brown - Indicates a secondary item that needs to be detached, removed/installed or disassembled/assembled prior to the target item
  • Yellow - Component that is touched or affected in a way but remains in the vehicle. It may be detached, attached, moved, modified, checked, adjusted etc.
  • Magenta - Indicates electrical connectors and fasteners such as nuts, bolts, clamps or clips
  • Pale Blue - is for the special tool(s) and general equipment.

There may be multiple steps assigned to one illustration.

Numbered pointers are used to indicate the number of electrical connectors and fasteners such as nuts, bolts, clamps or clips.

Items in the illustration can be transparent or use cutouts to show hidden detail(s).

TAS Graphics

TAS Graphics

TAS Graphics

TAS Graphics

TAS Graphics


     TAS Symbols

    Symbols are used inside the graphics and in the text area to enhance the information display. The following paragraphs describe the various types and categories of symbols. Prohibition symbols advise

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     Brake Testing

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