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Land Rover Discovery: Wheel - free lift - four - Postramp


To enable the vehicle to be supported correctly on the wheel-free longitudinals, it will be necessary to produce 2 off each of the support blocks to the dimensions given in the accompanying illustrations. The supporting part of each block must be manufactured from suitable hardwood or metal and the 'U' shaped base of each block must be manufactured from metal. Note that it is essential to ensure that the 'U' shaped base of each block is wide enough to fit over the wheel free longitudinals.

Front support block dimensions

Front support block dimensions

  1. 130 mm (5.118 in)
  2. 160 mm (6.299 in)
  3. 90 mm (3.543 in)

Rear support block dimensions

Rear support block dimensions

  1. 50 mm (1.1968 in)
  2. 190 (7.480 in)
  3. 110 (4.330 in)

Raising and Supporting the Vehicle

  1. Position vehicle on ramp.
  2. Apply parking brake.
  3. Raise ramp to required height
  4. Align the wheel-free longitudinals and position the support blocks beneath the positions shown

Raising and Supporting the Vehicle

Engage wheel-free and lower ramp until weight of vehicle rests on support blocks and road wheels are just clear of ramp.

Ensure that vehicle is correctly supported on all four support blocks, that blocks are still correctly positioned and are in full contact with the body mounting points.


Make sure that the vehicle is stable before commencing work


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