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Land Rover Discovery: Glass, Frames and Mechanisms


 Glass, Frames and Mechanisms / Description and operation

 Glass, Frames and Mechanisms / Description and operation - Component location

Component location - sheet 1 of 6 Windshield locator pin Mounting bracket Demist sensor bracket Windshield heater element connectors (where fitted) Rain/Light sensor bracket Windshield heater

 Glass, Frames and Mechanisms - Description

WINDOW SWITCHES Driver Door Switchpack Passenger Door Switchpacks Individual window switches are installed in each of the three passenger doors. Window switches for all of the windows and a rear w


 HDC Controls

Hill Descent Control (HDC) is designed to restrict the vehicle's speed to a set limit when travelling downhill Do not attempt a steep descent if HDC is inoperative or warning messages are displayed. The HDC button is located on the centre console. HDC on/off: HDC can be selected at any speed bu

 Uni-body, Subframe and Mounting System Front Subframe (G2028440) - Removal

SPECIAL TOOL(S) GENERAL EQUIPMENT PART(S) STEP REPLACE PART / RENEW PART PART NAME Removal CAUTION: The final tightening of the suspension components must be carried out with the vehicle on its wheels. NOTES: This procedure contains some variation in the illustrations depending on the vehic

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