Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Roof Sheet Metal Repairs Roof Panel (G1770876)


 Roof Sheet Metal Repairs Roof Panel (G1770876) - Removal

NOTE: The roof panel is installed in conjunction with: Windshield Headliner Front seat Rear seat cushion Side air curtain module Roof moulding Liftgate Antenna The roof panel is serviced

 Roof Sheet Metal Repairs Roof Panel (G1770876) - Installation

 Installation NOTE: SPR installation requires using the Land Rover approved SPR tool. Dress the flanges where necessary. Clean and prepare the panel surfaces. Clean out the threads on the cap

 Roof Sheet Metal Repairs Roof Front Panel (G1770881)


 Manual climate control

Note: When Eco program is selected, heating and ventilation settings are automatically adjusted to reduce energy consumption. Temperature control: Rotate to adjust. Air distribution: Rotate to direct air flow to the required areas. Blower speed: Rotate to adjust air flow speed through the ve

 Rear Drive Halfshafts Inner Constant Velocity Joint Boot  (G1791656) / Removal

SPECIAL TOOL(S) Removal NOTE: Some variation in the illustrations may occur, but the essential information is always correct. WARNING: Make sure to support the vehicle with axle stands. Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to: Rear Halfshaft RH (205-05, Removal and Installation). Refer to: Rear H

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