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Land Rover Discovery: Wipers and Washers


Wipers and washers description and operation

  1. Central Junction Box (CJB)
  2. Rain/light sensor
  3. Rear Junction Box (RJB)
  4. Rear window wiper motor
  5. Rear window washer jet
  6. Instrument Cluster (IC)
  7. Windshield wiper motor and linkage assembly
  8. Windshield washer jet
  9. Engine Junction Box (EJB)
  10. Windshield washer reservoir
  11. Headlamp washer jet (2 off)
  12. Right steering wheel switchpack


Windshield wiper and washer operation is controlled by the Central Junction Box (CJB) in response to driver inputs and if fitted, signals from the rain/light sensor.

The wiper and washer system comprises:

  • Windshield wiper motor and linkage assembly
  • Windshield washer jets - located in cowl panel
  • Rear window wiper motor
  • Rear window washer jet - located in rear spoiler
  • Headlamp washer (if fitted)
  • Rain/light sensor (if fitted).

The windshield wipers have five operational states:

  • Intermittent wipers - vehicles without rain/light sensor
  • Automatic wipers - vehicles with rain/light sensor - automatic wipers can be disabled to operate as intermittent via the Instrument cluster (IC) menu.
  • Flick wipe
  • Windshield wash and wipe
  • Slow wipe
  • Fast wipe.

The rear window wiper has three operational states as follows:

  • Rear window wash and wipe
  • Intermittent rear window wipe
  • Continuous rear window wipe.

A windshield washer reservoir contains washer fluid which is used by both the front and rear wipers and the headlamp washers (if fitted).

The headlamp washers (if fitted) use a dedicated headlamp washer pump located in the reservoir. The front and rear washers share a single washer pump.

On vehicles with a rain/light sensor, the wipers have an 'Auto' function. The 'Auto' function uses an output from the rain/light sensor to the CJB on a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) bus to provide automatic operation of the windshield wipers. The rain/light sensor is mounted on the inner surface of the windshield and transmits infra-red light to determine the amount of water on the outer surface of the windshield.



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