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Land Rover Discovery: Rear Window Wiper and Motor - Description

Rear window wiper and motor - Description

  1. Rubber mounting (3 off)
  2. Pivot
  3. Motor assembly
  4. Electrical connector

The single speed rear window wiper motor is mounted on the inner panel of the tailgate and is secured with three bolts. Three rubber bushes isolate the rear window wiper motor assembly from the tailgate.

The rear window wiper motor drives an integral gear wheel via a worm drive attached to the motor spindle. The gear wheel is fitted with a crank which in turn is connected to the rear window pivot. The crank converts the rotary motion of the gear wheel into the required reciprocating arc to wipe the rear window.

The rear window wiper motor is controlled by the CJB. Power is supplied via the Rear Junction Box (RJB). Power is supplied to the motor through an Radio Frequency (RF) filter which removes electrical interference which may interfere with radio signals to the audio antennas. The motor contains a park switch which is connected to the CJB. When the motor is switched off, the CJB detects the park switch opening and stops the rear window wiper motor in the park position. The RF filter also provides a feedback signal to the CJB. If the rear wiper becomes obstructed, the CJB will remove power to the rear wiper motor if the park signal does not change state within 6 seconds. The rear wiper motor will remain disabled until the obstruction is cleared. Three disable events are allowed until a 180 second disable period is activated or until the next ignition cycle when the event counter will be reset to zero.

The rear window wiper motor is disabled if the CJB detects that the tailgate has been opened.


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