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Land Rover Discovery: Windshield Washer Reservoir - Description

Windshield washer reservoir - Description

  1. Windshield washer supply hose
  2. Rear window washer supply hose
  3. Washer fluid level sensor
  4. Right headlamp washer supply hose
  5. Headlamp washer pump
  6. Front/rear washer pump
  7. Left headlamp washer supply hose

The windshield washer reservoir is located in the front of the right wheel arch, behind the wheel arch liner. The windshield washer reservoir is a plastic molding and is secured in the wheel arch with two bolts and a screw.

A level sensor is located in the windshield washer reservoir and is connected to the Central Junction Box (CJB). A windshield washer pump and a headlamp washer pump are located at the base of the windshield washer reservoir. The windshield washer pump supplies washer fluid to the windshield washer jets or the rear window washer jet. The headlamp washer pump supplies fluid to the left and right headlamp washer jets.

A filler cap is located at the top of the windshield washer reservoir and is accessible from the engine compartment.

The washer pumps are located in rubber sealing grommets in holes in the windshield washer reservoir and secured with clips. The washer fluid hoses have quick release connectors which mate with the pumps. The fluid level sensor is a push fit into a sealing grommet in one side of the windshield washer reservoir body.

The windshield washer pump is a bi-directional pump, Rotation of the pump in one direction pumps washer fluid to the windshield washer jets, the opposite direction pumps washer fluid to the rear window washer jet. The change of pump rotation is controlled by the CJB changing the polarity of the voltage supplied to the windshield washer pump motor via two relays in the CJB.

The windshield washer jets are located in the cowl panel, below the windshield. The windshield washer jets can be heated on some models.

Power for the heating elements in the jets is supplied from the CJB. The heater elements are active at all times when the engine is running.

The rear window washer jet is located in the underside of the rear spoiler.


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