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Land Rover Discovery: Headlamp Washers - Description

Headlamp washers - Description

  1. Washer jet
  2. Telescopic arm
  3. Washer fluid supply hose


The headlamp washers will only operate if the vehicle headlamps are on.

The front bumper is fitted with two headlamp washers. The headlamp washers are located in the bumper, below the headlamp assembly. The headlamp washer is located in an aperture at the front of the bumper and secured with two self-tapping screws to a bracket molded into the bumper structure.

The headlamp washers are telescopic units which extend forward from the bumper under washer fluid pressure supplied by the headlamp washer pump. When the pump pressure decreases the headlamp washer is automatically retracted back into the housing. The outer end of the headlamp washer is fitted with a trim which blends the headlamp washer into the bumper when it is not operating. Each headlamp washer has a washer jet which directs washer fluid under pressure onto the headlamp lens when the headlamp washer is extended.

The headlamp washer pump is a bi-directional pump, Rotation of the pump in one direction pumps washer fluid to the left headlamp washer jet, the opposite direction pumps washer fluid to the right headlamp washer jet.

The change of pump rotation is controlled by the CJB changing the polarity of the voltage supplied to the windshield washer pump motor via two relays in the Engine Junction Box (EJB).


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