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Land Rover Discovery: Glass Roof Panel (G1805062) - Installation



  • Make sure that the 10 spacers are correctly installed prior to installation.
  • Make a note of the orientation of the spacers.

Glass roof panel (G1805062) - Installation


Make sure that the mating faces are clean and free of foreign material.

Glass roof panel (G1805062) - Installation

Prepare the glass roof panel, glass roof panel flange and trimmed PU adhesive in accordance with the instructions included with the PU adhesive kit.


Touching the adhesive surface will impair rebonding.


  • Install new spacers as necessary.
  • Make sure that the spacers are installed to noted position.
  • Apply a small amount of PU to the spacers to help maintain their position for installation.

Glass roof panel (G1805062) - Installation

Apply a continuous bead of sealant to the glass roof panel.


Note the orientation of the locating pins prior to installation.


Make sure that the front locating pin is installed first.

Glass roof panel (G1805062) - Installation


This step requires the aid of another technician.


  • Make sure that the component is correctly located on the locating dowels.
  • Make sure that equal pressure is applied to the full length of the component.
  • To make sure the glass roof panel adhesive is not touched or smeared during installation, more technicians may be required to assist with this step.

Glass roof panel (G1805062) - Installation

  • With assistance, install and align the glass roof panel.
  • Lightly press the glass roof panel to seat the sealer.
  • Secure the glass roof panel in position using tape.
  • If the ambient temperature falls below 10 degrees C, apply warm air (25 degrees C) continuously for 15 minutes.


  • Make sure that no excess sealant residue is evident.
  • Make sure that the sealant is allowed to dry in accordance with the instructions included with the PU adhesive kit.
  • If using heat to dry the water from the vehicle after water testing the glass roof panel, do not use excessive heat

Glass roof panel (G1805062) - Installation

  • If water is used as a means for the leak check, then allow sealant to dry before testing.
  • Spray water around the glass roof panel, mark any area that leaks. Dry the glass roof panel and sealant before applying additional sealant.

Glass roof panel (G1805062) - Installation

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