Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Heater Mats


 Heater Mats - Inspection and Verification

PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION For a detailed description of the Heater Mats, refer to the relevant Description and Operation section in the workshop manual. REFER to: (501- 10 Seating) Seats (Description an

 Seat Heater Mat Faults -Diagnostic Guidance

Seat Heater Sensor Faults - Each seat has two heating elements: one in the base (seat cushion), and one in the back (squab). There is only one sensor, which is located in the base. This sensor con

 Lumbar Assembly - Vehicles with - power Seats (G1780414)/ Removal and Installation

REMOVAL WARNINGS: To avoid accidental deployment and possible personal injury, the backup power supply must be depleted before repairing or replacing any air bag supplemental restraint system (S


 Leather Seat Covers

Leather is a natural product, therefore it bears natural characteristics, such as grain variations, growth & bush marks. These non-weakening marks show the true nature of the hide and are the hallmarks of Leather. In order to maintain the beauty of the vehicles natural leather upholstery it req

 Vehicle Dynamic Suspension - Component location

Rear right adaptive shock absorber Rear right spring Rear right height sensor Rear left spring Rear left adaptive shock absorber Rear left height sensor Suspension Control Module (SUM) Front left adaptive shock absorber and spring assembly Front left height sensor Front right height sen

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