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Land Rover Discovery: Rear end Sheet Metal Repairs Back Panel Inner (G1770945)

Land Rover Discovery (2009–2016) Service Manual / Body / Body Repairs and General Information / Rear end Sheet Metal Repairs Back Panel Inner (G1770945)


 Rear end Sheet Metal Repairs Back Panel Inner (G1770945) - Removal

Removal NOTE: The back panel inner is installed in conjunction with: Rear bumper cover Rear bumper Rear bumper retaining rail Rear lamp assembly Rear lamp panel outer Back panel outer Quarter

 Rear end Sheet Metal Repairs Back Panel Inner (G1770945) - Installation

Installation Dress the flanges where necessary. Offer up the new back panel inner panel and clamp into position. Check alignment, if correct, proceed to next step, if not, rectify and recheck bef

 General Information / Diagnosis and Testing

Inspection and verification CAUTION: Diagnosis by substitution from a donor vehicle is NOT acceptable. Substitution of control modules does not guarantee confirmation of a fault, and may also cause a


 Audio System / Operation

MEDIA ORIENTED SYSTEMS TRANSPORT (MOST) - INCONTROL TOUCH PLUS AUDIO SYSTEM AND INCONTROL TOUCH PLUS WITH MERIDIAN SURROUND AUDIO SYSTEM ONLY The components of the audio/infotainment systems are connected on the Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) ring. The MOST ring is a fiber optic communicati

 Engine - Ingenium i4 2.0l Diesel Engine Mount Alignment (G1815586) / General Procedures

ADJUSTMENT Transmission mounting WARNING: Do not work on or under a vehicle supported only by a jack. Always support the vehicle on safety stands. Raise and support the vehicle. Using a suitable hydraulic jack, support the transmission. CAUTION: Take extra care when installing the component.

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