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Land Rover Discovery: Loadspace cover


  • Never allow passengers to travel in the loadspace under any circumstances. All vehicle occupants should be seated correctly and wear a seat belt at all times when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Always make sure objects carried within the vehicle are secured properly.


  • Do not store the loadspace cover loose in the vehicle. During an accident or sudden manoeuvre, the loadspace cover could cause serious injury or death.
  • Never place objects on top of the loadspace cover. During an accident or sudden manoeuver, loose objects can cause serious injury or death.

Loadspace cover

  1. Using the handle, pull the cover to unroll.
  2. Engage the end pieces into the recessed areas, moulded into the loadspace sides. To retract the loadspace cover, disengage the ends from the recessed areas and allow the cover to retract into its housing.
  3. To remove the cover, turn the release lever to unlock the assembly and disengage the pins from the sockets.

Note: Turn the release lever until resistance is felt and then pull further to release.

To avoid injury, the loadspace cover must NOT be left in the installed position when the third row seats are occupied.

Do not attempt to raise the second row seats into the upright position, or tip them forward for third row access, while the loadspace cover is stowed behind the second row seats, as damage will result.

  1. To refit the cover assembly, engage the left side into the recessed area, then engage the right side, push down into place until a audible click is heard.


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