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Land Rover Discovery: Dynamic

This program is associated with a driving style, rather than a type of terrain and optimises traction, handling and driveability, for maximum feedback and responsiveness.

Select this program to exploit the vehicle's full on-road potential.


Hill Descent Control (HDC) is automatically engaged for some Terrain response programs. If required, HDC can be deselected or engaged independently of Terrain response.

The HDC status will be displayed in the Message centre whether it is engaged or disengaged, by the system or by the driver.

Although Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) is automatically engaged when a special program is selected, it can be switched off, if required.


Use of an incorrect program will impair the vehicle's response to the terrain and can reduce the life of the suspension and drive systems.

If the system becomes partially inoperable for any reason, it may not be possible to select a special program.

If a participating vehicle system becomes temporarily inoperable, the General program will be automatically selected.

Once the system returns to normal operation, the previously active program will be reactivated unless the ignition has been switched off in the meantime.

If you try to select an inappropriate special program, the relevant indicator will flash amber and the Message centre will provide further information. If the appropriate action is not taken within 60 seconds, the warnings will cease and the Message centre will show the active program.

If the system becomes completely inoperable, all of the special program indicators will be switched off and a relevant message will be displayed in the Message centre.


     Hill descent control (HDC)

     HDC Controls

    Hill Descent Control (HDC) is designed to restrict the vehicle's speed to a set limit when travelling downhill Do not attempt a steep descent if HDC is inoperative or warning messages are displayed.

     Gradient release control (GRC)

    With Hill Descent Control (HDC) activated, if the vehicle is stopped on a slope using the brake pedal, GRC will become active (except in the Terrain response system's Sand program). During a hill asce


     Roof Sheet Metal Repairs Roof Front Panel (G1770881) - Removal

    NOTE: The roof front panel is installed in conjunction with: Windshield Headliner Front seat Side air curtain module Glass roof panel The roof front panel is serviced as indicated. Before commencing this procedure make sure that you are aware of all Health and Safety requirements. For

     Front Drive Halfshafts Front Left Halfshaft (G1794494) - Installation

    Installation NOTE: Only perform step 1 if the components were previously removed. CAUTIONS: Make sure that the mating faces are clean and free of corrosion and foreign material. Make sure the seal is installed correctly. Using the special tools, install the halfshaft seal. Special Tool(s): 30

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