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Land Rover Discovery: Gradient release control (GRC)

With Hill Descent Control (HDC) activated, if the vehicle is stopped on a slope using the brake pedal, GRC will become active (except in the Terrain response system's Sand program). During a hill ascent, when the brake pedal is released, GRC will automatically delay and graduate the brake release, to allow the vehicle to move smoothly away. When descending a hill, a similar brake hold and gradual release is employed to provide a smooth transition into HDC control.

GRC operates in forward and reverse gears and requires no driver intervention.


Do not attempt a steep descent if Hill Descent Control (HDC) is inoperative or if any warning messages are displayed in the Message centre.


In extreme circumstances, the Hill Descent Control (HDC) system may cause brake temperatures to exceed their preset limits.

If this occurs, the warning HDC TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE will be displayed in the Message centre. HDC will then fade out and become temporarily inactive.

Once the brakes have reached an acceptable temperature, the message will disappear (or the warning lamp will extinguish) and HDC will, if required, resume operation.


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