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Land Rover Discovery: Manual climate control

Manual climate control

Note: When Eco program is selected, heating and ventilation settings are automatically adjusted to reduce energy consumption.

  1. Temperature control: Rotate to adjust.
  2. Air distribution: Rotate to direct air flow to the required areas.
  3. Blower speed: Rotate to adjust air flow speed through the vents.
  4. Seat heaters: Press once to switch on high, twice to switch on medium, and a third time to switch on low. Press a fourth time to switch off.
  5. Recirculation:
  • Press briefly to switch on recirculation.

Note: The recirculation operation time will vary depending upon the ambient temperature.

  • Press and hold to switch on continuous recirculation.
  • When recirculation is in operation, press briefly to switch off.
  1. Heated rear screen: Press to switch on/off.
  2. Heated windscreen: Press to switch on/off.
  3. Air conditioning: Press to switch on/ off.

Note: The amber tell-tale indicators in the switches will illuminate when the function is selected. Note: In low temperatures, it is advisable to close the centre face-level vents, and direct air flow from the outer face-level vents towards the side windows. This will help to keep the windows clear of ice.


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