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Land Rover Discovery: Climate settings

To view the CLIMATE SETTINGS menu, select Climate from the GENERAL SETTINGS menu.

  • Auto Sensitivity: The air quality sensor, for Automatic recirculation, can be set to Low, Medium or High. Select Off to disable Automatic recirculation.
  • Auto Power: The blower speed for automatic operation can be set to Low, Medium or High.
  • Auto heated screens: The automatic operation of the front and/or the rear heated screens can be enabled/ disabled.

Note: Selection of the ECO driving mode may automatically alter some status and settings for these menus (dependent on previous selections).


If an air quality sensor is fitted, the Climate control system will monitor exterior air pollution and select recirculation if it reaches a predetermined level. This feature only operates when selected from the CLIMATE SETTINGS menu.

Recirculation sensitivity can also be changed in the CLIMATE SETTINGS menu.

Pressing the recirculation button will not deactivate automatic recirculation.


The sensitivity of the air quality sensor can be adjusted using the Touch screen:

  1. To view the CLIMATE SETTINGS menu, select Climate from the GENERAL SETTINGS menu.
  2. Touch the buttons on the screen to increase/decrease sensitivity.

    To switch off Air quality sensing, touch Off.



The vents can be opened using the following procedure:

  1. To open the vent, rotate the thumb wheel fully upwards, from the bottom (closed) position to the (top) open position.
  2. After the vent has been opened using the thumb wheel, the direction control can be used to adjust the direction of air flow.

Note: The vent can only be fully closed again using the thumbwheel. The vent can be closed, regardless of the position of the directional control.

Do not insert or attach items to the vents, for example, pens, air fresheners, etc.

Do not use excessive force while operating the vent control or the thumb wheel.


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