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Land Rover Discovery: Checking the washer fluid level

  • Do not allow the screen washer fluid to come into contact with naked flames or sources of ignition.
  • If the vehicle is operated in temperatures below 4ºC, use a washer fluid with frost protection.

Only use approved washer fluid.

Take care to avoid spillage, particularly if an undiluted or high concentration is being used. If spillage occurs, wash the affected area immediately with water.

The washer fluid reservoir supplies the front and rear screen washer jets and the headlamp washer jets.

Check and top up the reservoir level at least every week. Always top up with screen washer fluid to prevent freezing.

Operate the washer switches periodically to check that the nozzles are clear and properly directed.


Top up the washer fluid as follows:

  1. Clean the washer fluid reservoir filler cap before removing, to prevent dirt from entering the reservoir.
  2. Remove the filler cap.
  3. Top up the reservoir until the fluid is visible in the filler neck.
  4. Replace the filler cap.


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