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Land Rover Discovery: Hidden storage compartment

There is a hidden storage compartment underneath the front cup holder on the centre console. To access the storage compartment:

Hidden storage compartment

Press the button on the top of the front cup holder.

Lift and remove the cup holder to reveal the hidden storage compartment.

Replace the cup holder and gently push down to secure.


For vehicles with Progress control and Hill Descent Control (HDC), the HDC button will perform multiple functions, i.e., enable/disable and alternate between Progress control and HDC.

With both features switched off, the button sequence is as follows:

  1. Press and release the button to enable Progress control. A warning lamp will illuminate in the Instrument panel to confirm. See 'PROGRESS CONTROL SYSTEM (AMBER)' in the Owner's handbook.
  2. Within 4 seconds, press and release the button again to enable HDC. A warning lamp will illuminate in the Instrument panel to confirm. See 'HILL DESCENT CONTROL (GREEN)' in the Owner's handbook.

Note: If the second press of the button is after 4 seconds, Progress control will be switched off. If required, start the sequence again.

  1. When required, press and release the button to disable. The relevant warning lamp will extinguish to confirm.


Note: Depending on the vehicle's specification, the HDC button will also operate the Progress control system. See 'USING THE PROGRESS CONTROL SYSTEM'.


     Land Rover Discovery (2009–2016) Service Manual

    Service and Repair manual for fourth generation of Land Rover Discovery, a series of seven-seater family SUVs.

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