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Land Rover Discovery: ECO Program

This program encourages a more efficient driving style and modifies vehicle settings to improve fuel economy.

ECO Program

Press the button to switch the ECO program on/off, a message will appear in the Message centre.

When selected, engine and transmission settings are automatically changed to promote an efficient driving style and to save fuel.

An instantaneous driving style rating is provided via the trip computer display.

This rates driving style against efficient driving principles.

Heating and ventilation settings are modified by making small changes to the rate of heating and cooling. Certain features are switched off or modified to reduce energy consumption. Feature settings can be changed as desired, once ECO program is active. For more information refer to the Heating and ventilation section of the handbook.

Additional vehicle efficiency data and tips are available in ECO-Data on the Extra features page.

Note: The ECO-Data system will only begin displaying averaged data after the vehicle has travelled 1 km (0.6 miles).

Note: The ECO-Data system may not measure or record data when in some Terrain response modes and/or if Hill Descent Control (HDC) is selected.

Note: The ECO-Data system only monitors driver inputs. Any automatic inputs from the vehicle, for example, throttle and brake force applied by the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system will not be measured. Data not being measured and recorded will be greyed out in the Instrument panel.


Before venturing off-road, it is essential that inexperienced drivers become fully familiar with the vehicle's controls; in particular, the Hill Descent Control (HDC) and Terrain response system.

Information relating to the suitability of each Terrain response program on different types of surface, can be found in the 4x4i section of the Extra features menu.


Terrain response selection is via the centre console buttons. Use the buttons to move through the program selections. The currently selected program icon will be displayed in the Message centre and the relevant LED indicator will illuminate.

Note: Changing between the special programs will alter various vehicle settings, e.g., engine revs while at the current accelerator pedal position may alter or the steering feel might change. These changes are not dramatic but will be noticeable.

It is advisable to experiment with the available settings in an environment that will not affect other road users.


     General program (special programs off)

    This program is compatible with all on and off-road conditions. If not already active, it should be selected before driving on surfaces, which are similar to a hard road surface. Dry cobbles, tarmac


    This program is associated with a driving style, rather than a type of terrain and optimises traction, handling and driveability, for maximum feedback and responsiveness. Select this program to explo

     Hill descent control (HDC)


     USB / CD Data Disk Audio File Compatibility

    NOTE: Before attempting a repair to the in-vehicle infotainment system following concerns regarding no playback of audio files stored either on a USB data storage device or on a CD data disc, check below to ensure that the audio files in question are encoded in a compatible format There are a numbe

     Daytime Running Lamps / Description and Operation

    OVERVIEW The Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) and side lamps are incorporated into the headlamp assemblies. For additional information, refer to: Exterior Lighting (417-01, Description and Operation). On Rest Of World (ROW) vehicles with halogen headlamps, the DRL use the same lamp as the main beam lam

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