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Land Rover Discovery: Closing vehicle sensing

  • Closing vehicle sensing is a supplement to, not a replacement for, a safe driving style and use of the exterior and rear-view mirrors.
  • Closing vehicle sensing does not give a warning of vehicles approaching from directly behind the vehicle. Always use the exterior and rear-view mirrors.
  • The radar sensors may be impaired by mud, rain, frost, ice, snow, or road spray. This may affect the system's ability to reliably detect an approaching vehicle.
  • Closing vehicle sensing will not correct errors of judgement in driving.

Make sure that the warning indicators in the exterior mirrors are not obscured by stickers or other objects.

Do not attach stickers or objects to the rear bumper, that may interfere with the radar sensors.

In addition to the functionality provided by the Blind Spot Monitor (BSM), Closing vehicle sensing monitors a larger area behind the vehicle. Closing vehicle sensing is designed to perform best on multi-lane motorways with free-flowing traffic and is operational above 10 km/h (6 mph) in a forward gear.

Closing vehicle sensing

  1. Closing vehicle sensing monitors an area behind the vehicle, up to a distance of 70 m and approximately 2.5 m from each side of the vehicle (the width of a typical carriageway lane).
  2. If a vehicle is detected approaching rapidly, an amber warning icon flashes in the relevant exterior mirror to indicate that there is a potential danger.
  3. When the detected vehicle reaches the area monitored by the BSM, the amber warning icon illuminates continuously.

Note: If rapidly overtaking vehicles are detected on both sides simultaneously, the warning icons in both mirrors flash.

Note: Closing vehicle sensing covers an area of a fixed lane width. If the lanes are narrower than a typical carriageway lane, objects travelling in non-adjacent lanes may be detected.

Note: Closing vehicle sensing is disabled when the vehicle is negotiating a tight radius curve.

Note: When the BSM is disabled, Closing vehicle sensing is also disabled.

Note: This radar sensor is approved in all RTTE countries.

Note: Closing vehicle sensing is disabled when a trailer is attached.


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