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Land Rover Discovery: BSM sensors

The BSM system is automatically disabled if either of the sensors become completely obscured; an amber indicator dot is displayed in the exterior mirror and the message BLIND SPOT MONITOR SENSOR BLOCKED appears in the Message centre.

Note: Blockage testing is initiated only when the vehicle's speed is above 10 km/ h (6 mph) and will take at least two minutes of accumulated driving above this speed, to determine that the sensor is blocked.

If the sensors become blocked, check that there is nothing obscuring the rear bumper and that it is clear from ice, frost, and dirt.

If a fault with one of the radar sensors is detected, an amber warning indicator dot is displayed in the exterior mirror and the message BLIND SPOT MONITOR NOT AVAILABLE is displayed in the Message centre.

Note: Even if the detected fault affects the radar sensor on only one side of the vehicle, the whole system is disabled. If the fault is temporary, the system operates correctly once the engine has been switched off and then on again.

If a fault in the system occurs, consult a Retailer/Authorised Repairer.


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