Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Seat belts

Do not allow any water, cleaning products, or fabric from cloths to enter the seat belt mechanism.

Any substance which enters the mechanism may affect the performance of the seat belt in an impact.

Extend the seat belts fully, then use warm water and a non-detergent soap to clean.

Allow the seat belts to dry naturally while fully extended and do not allow the belts to retract until fully dry.

Note: While cleaning the seat belt, take the opportunity to examine the webbing for damage and wear. Any wear or damage should be reported to, and rectified by your Retailer/Authorised Repairer.


Airbag covers should only be cleaned using a slightly dampened cloth, and a small amount of upholstery cleaner.

Any substance which enters the mechanism, can prevent correct deployment of an airbag during an impact.


Marks or stains can be removed by gentle scrubbing with a weak solution of soap and warm water.

For more stubborn stains, a commercially available carpet cleaner should be used.


Do not use upholstery cleaner on electrical equipment such as fascia switches.

When cleaning around electrical equipment such as switches, make sure fluids do not leak into any gaps around the components or between panels or trim.

  • Clean with a lightly moistened cloth.
  •  Do not use chemical agents or domestic cleaners.
  •  Do not allow sharp, hard or abrasive objects to make contact with screens.
  •  Avoid exposing screens to direct sunlight for long periods.
  • To prevent errors occurring, make sure only 1 finger at a time is in contact with the Touch screen.
  • Do not use excessive pressure.


Do not use excessive pressure.

Heavy contamination on the wiper blades should be removed using a soft, damp sponge or cloth.


Do not operate the washer jets during unblocking or adjustment.

Windscreen washer fluid may cause irritation to the eyes and skin. Always read and observe the washer fluid manufacturer's instructions.

If a washer jet becomes blocked, use a thin strand of wire to unblock it, by inserting the wire into the jet. Make sure the wire is completely removed after unblocking.


Regularly inspect the paintwork for damage. Any stone chips, fractures, or deep scratches, in the paint/bodywork should be repaired promptly. Bare metal will corrode quickly, and if left untreated can result in expensive repairs.


     Fluid level checks

     Fluid filler locations

    Brake fluid reservoir cap (right-hand drive). Remove the right-side under bonnet cover for access. Engine oil filler cap (2.0L petrol engine). Brake fluid reservoir cap (left-hand drive).

     Checking the engine oil level

    Check the engine oil weekly. If any significant or sudden drop in oil level is noted, seek qualified assistance. Never allow the oil level to fall below the lower mark or notch on the dipstick


     Leather upholstery

    Only use cleaning products specifically designed for use on leather. Do not use chemical, alcohol, or abrasive materials, as they will cause rapid deterioration of the leather. The use of products which are not approved, will invalidate your warranty. If you are in any doubt as to which p

     Media settings

    To view the MEDIA SETTINGS menu, select Media from the GENERAL SETTINGS menu. The MEDIA SETTINGS menu contains the following options: Traffic Announcement. Swtich on/off. Sound: Select to view the SOUND SETTINGS. Radio: These setting options are dependent on the radio source selected. SOUND

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