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Land Rover Discovery: Checking the engine oil level

  • Check the engine oil weekly. If any significant or sudden drop in oil level is noted, seek qualified assistance.
  • Never allow the oil level to fall below the lower mark or notch on the dipstick.
  • If the message ENGINE OIL PRESSURE LOW is displayed, stop the engine as soon as it is safe to do so and seek qualified assistance.

    Do not start the engine until the cause has been rectified.

Checking the engine oil level

  1. Engine oil dipstick - 2.0L petrol.
  2. Engine oil dipstick - 2.2L diesel.
  3. Engine oil dipstick - 2.0L diesel

The dipstick on 2.0L diesel engines features a lug, to aid correct fitment. Make sure the lug is correctly aligned with the groove in the dipstick tube. Failure to do this could result in the dipstick not fitting correctly, and oil escaping from the engine.

Prior to checking the oil level, make sure that:

  • The vehicle is on level ground.
  • The engine oil is cold.

Note: If it is necessary to check the oil level when the engine is hot, switch off the engine and let the vehicle stand for 5 minutes to allow the oil to drain back into the sump. Do not start the engine.

The oil level can then be checked as follows:

  1. Withdraw the dipstick and wipe the blade clean with a lint-free cloth.
  2. Fully re-insert the dipstick and withdraw again to check the oil level.

As a general guide, if the oil level on the dipstick:

  1. Is nearer to the upper mark or notch than the lower, do not add oil.
  2. Is nearer to the lower mark or notch than the upper, add 0.5 litres of oil.
  3. Is below the lower mark or notch, add:
  • 2.0L petrol engine: 0.8 litres of oil.
  • 2.2L diesel engine: 1.5 litres of oil.
  • 2.0L diesel engine: 1.8 litres of oil.

Recheck the level after a further 5 minutes.


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