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Land Rover Discovery: The navigation system

Navigation instruction is by map and turn information displayed on the Touch screen and can be complemented by voice guidance, if required. The system uses signals from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites, combined with information from vehicle sensors and from data stored on the SD card, to establish the true position of the vehicle.

Using this combination of data sources, the vehicle's navigation computer enables you to plan and follow a route map to your desired destination.

The Touch screen is used to control navigation via menus, text screens, and map displays.

Operate the system only when it is safe to do so.

Note: The Navigation system fitted to your vehicle does not support speed camera alerts.

The requirements of national Road Traffic Regulations always apply.

Observation of traffic signs and local traffic regulations always take priority.

The Navigation system serves solely as an aid to navigation. In particular, the Navigation system cannot be used as an aid to orientation when visibility is poor.

GPS signals may occasionally be interrupted due to physical barriers, such as tunnels and roads, under raised highways.

However, direction and speed sensors on the vehicle will minimise any adverse effect on the Navigation system. Normal operation will resume once the obstruction has been passed.

Under certain conditions, it is possible for the vehicle's position shown on the screen to be incorrect. This may happen when:

  • Driving on a spiral ramp in a building.
  • Driving on, or beneath, elevated roads.
  • Two roads are close and parallel.
  • The vehicle has been transported to another destination.
  • The vehicle has been rotated on a turntable.
  • The vehicle's battery has been disconnected.


     Navigation SD card

    The Navigation SD card reader is located in the front centre cubby box. Make sure the SD card is located correctly in the card reader before operating the Navigation system. Note: If for any reason

     Main menu

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     Map screen

    Touch to select the NAV MENU. Touch to select the ROUTE menu. Touch to set a selected destination. Touch to show information for a Point of Interest (POI), or for traffic information. Touch t


     Topping up the oil

    Your vehicle's warranty may be invalidated if damage is caused by using oil that does not meet the required specification. Failure to use an oil that meets the required specification could cause excessive engine wear, a build up of sludge and deposits, and increase pollution. It could also

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