Land Rover Discovery Owners & Service Manuals

Land Rover Discovery: Main menu

Main menu

  1. Where To?: Touch for a list of options for setting a destination.
  2.  Map View: Touch to view the map screen.
  3. Favourites: Touch to view the list of stored destinations.
  4. Settings: Touch to select the SETTINGS pop-up menu, followed by Navigation, to view the NAVIGATION SETTINGS screen.
  5. Stop Guidance: Touch to cancel the current route guidance.
  6. Emergency: Touch to see a list of emergency services.
  7. Information: Touch to display the following: Traffic, Where am I, and Trip computer.


     Map screen

    Touch to select the NAV MENU. Touch to select the ROUTE menu. Touch to set a selected destination. Touch to show information for a Point of Interest (POI), or for traffic information. Touch t

     Points of interest (POI)

    To set a destination from the selection of POIs: In Where To?, touch Point of Interest to view the following list: All Categories. Gas Stations. Restaurants. Hotels. ATM / banking. Enter Name.

     Navigation terms and conditions

    The data ("Data") is provided for your personal, internal use only and not for resale. It is protected by copyright, and is subject to the following terms and conditions which are agreed to by you, on


     Fuel Charging and Controls - Ingenium i4 2.0l Diesel Fuel Rail (G1875959) / Removal

    PART(S) REMOVAL WARNINGS: Place the vehicle in a well ventilated, quarantined area and arrange ' No Smoking/Petrol Fumes' signs about the vehicle. Avoid flames, sparks or lighted substances. Be prepared to collect escaping fuel. It is imperative that new high pressure fuel pipes are always

     General program (special programs off)

    This program is compatible with all on and off-road conditions. If not already active, it should be selected before driving on surfaces, which are similar to a hard road surface. Dry cobbles, tarmac, dry wooden planks, etc., all fall into this category. This program should be selected once the nee

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