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Land Rover Discovery: Points of interest (POI)

To set a destination from the selection of POIs: In Where To?, touch Point of Interest to view the following list:

  • All Categories.
  • Gas Stations.
  • Restaurants.
  • Hotels.
  • ATM / banking.
  • Enter Name.

The POI search area selection can also be changed by selecting the Change Search Area soft key; the following options are listed:

  • Around Me.
  • Near Destination (this is only available during a route guidance).
  • In a Town.
  • Along Route (this is only available during a route guidance).

When the required POI has been found, touch to select it as a destination.


On the NAV MENU screen, select Emergency to see the following list of emergency options:

  • Hospital: Search and route to a hospital close to your current location.
  • Police: Search and route to a police station close to your current location.
  • Location: Select to show details of your current location.
  • Save: Select to save your location as a favourite.

To search for any of the emergency services listed:

  1. Select the emergency service required.
  2. Use one of the following categories to find the emergency service:
  • Name.
  • Distance.
  1. Select the required emergency service from the list and touch Yes to confirm the destination.
  2. If you are already on a route guidance, the system will ask you to select one of the following:
  • Cancel previous route.
  • Add as first destination.
  • Add as last destination.


Once a destination has been selected, there are 4 options:

  • Yes: Select to accept the selected destination and start guidance.
  • Options: When calculating a route, various options can be selected.

    Before accepting the requested route, touch Options to view the following list of options:

  • Fast.
  • Short.
  • Economical.
  • Route Alternative.
  • Round Trip.

Select the required option from the list.

  • Avoid: When calculating a route, a road type to avoid can be set.

    Before accepting the requested route, touch Avoid to view a list of options to avoid.

    Select the required option from the list.

  • Save: When calculating a route, the destination can be saved as a favourite.

    Before accepting the requested route, touch Save to save the route to your Favourites.


Touch this icon to edit text or delete the text from the list.

Touch this icon to change the order of text in a list. Use the up and down arrows to move the text to the required position.

Touch the icon again to register the new position.


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